GET FISA RIGHT Cover Up for Barack Obama Campaign with Nikki E. Sutton

July 22, 2008

Barack Obama, or his campaign folk seem to be engaged in a rather large cover up to appearingly run damage control over his critical political error in voting for the FISA bill to run damage control on the website,

What is interesting is this. On July 6th, there were 23219 members of the second largest group of Obama’s web coalition on a list called, “President Obama, Please Get FISA Right”

This group was created originally on June 26th and moderated by the following,(easily found on the myBO website

Member Admin Joined
1. Mike from Charlottesville, VA Yes 6/26/08
2. clammyc Yes 6/26/08
3. Jon Yes 6/26/08
4. Beverly in NH Yes 6/26/08
5. Beverly in NH Yes 6/26/08
6. Don’t Tread On Me

After thousands of emails, imploring the senator not to vote for Fisa, the list suddenly was moved to another domain,, and then, magically, three new lists appeared as the top three lists of activists on the myBO site.

Seemingly the dissent, and the PR debacle of Obama’s vote, motivated the campaign to try and censor the voices of dissent and sweep them under the rug.

Currently, the top three groups (under students for Obama) on myBO are:

Environmentalists for Obama
Members: 34822 Access: Public Created: Jul 9th, 2008

African Americans for Obama
Members: 26677 Access: Public Created: Jul 8th, 2008

People of Faith for Obama
Members: 26586 Access: Public

Now – here is where it gets REALLY interesting…
(Aside from the student group) these were all created on July 8th and 9th by Nikki E Sutton who works for the campaign and if you visit her profile on myBO, she is a member of every group they have and a grassroots fundraiser. My Point? These groups on the myBO are a Ruse – to make people THINK they have large groups when in reality, they squashed the largest group they had in order to cover up Obama’s vote for FISA and try and keep it as quiet as possible.

These three lists I mentioned above from the 8th and 9th all have members but no posts. Not one post to this day, July Hmmmm…bogus list control to make Barack Obama‚Äôs campaign appear perfect? I think so!

Having been on all these lists – I have never received an email. They are there for appearance only, and the getfisaright group on as well as the google list, has been officially selectively censored the posts of the former 23219 members of the list of to run damage control in the campaign Game.

McCarthy-ism 101?

The simple connect-the-dots conclusion (if you have a brain) is that the very group that professes to be working toward fixing the broken 4th amendment they so dearly love and electing Obama are practicing censorship of everything you post, think and do. Their agenda is clear – question Barack Obama’s vote and you are silenced. Say anything they don’t like? Silenced.

Isn’t this the same tactics that fascists use? Aren’t these folks supposed to be Democrats?

As a 30 year registered Democrat, my notes from the field say this could cost Barack Obama the election and this is something no Democrat wants to see.

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Investigative Reporter,

Ohio – Swing State


Truth For Obama

July 22, 2008
Barack Obama Accountability Team

Barack Obama Accountability Team